TAP 113. The 4 Things Million Dollar Agents Have In Common. An Interview with Glenn Twiddle

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I’m very privileged to coach and mentor some amazing real estate performers. In the last 12 months I’ve worked with everyone from real estate rookies in their first year or two, to million dollar performers, industry leaders and business owners.

And when you’re constantly exposed to so many top agents, you get to discover some valuable ideas and principles.

Success leaves clues as they say and we live in amazing times when we can access so many top agents and learn from their strategies and benefit from their experience.

But there’s something more that sets a million dollar agent apart.  There’s a silent force at work behind the scenes ready to take action and create opportunities.

There’s a restless energy that understands competition and the power of focusing on the things that generate results.

It’s almost like a high performance engine that sits idling just waiting for someone to press the throttle.

In this episode I’m going to connect you with someone who can put you in the room with bunch of million dollar agents so you can pick up on their energy, ideas and strategies.  If you’re in Australia, it’s happening this May.

I always love catching up with today’s guest. He’s a gifted marketer and his work inspires and motivates thousands of agents. I think you’re going to enjoy this session.

In fact, he’s got a theory that all million dollar agents have just 4 things in common. He’s going to take us through each one and share some proven actions that help top agents get massive results.

All that and more coming up

It’s always fun to catch up with Glenn. The guy doesn’t have an off switch.

Glenn’s million dollar agent road show is coming to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth May 8 to 11.

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Until next week, Dream Big & Take Names