TAP 120. The Tech Future Of Real Estate. An Interview with Craig Rowe. A Podcast for real estate

How you work with real estate and technology has never been more important. The very candid and revealing interview with an expert might help you change your current priorities.

With Inman Connect in San Francisco coming up in July 2018, I’m busier than a one-armed truck driver getting ready for our Jigglar display. But first off, an apology to my regular listeners… I have been off the tools with a bit of a bug… but I’m back and just in time for the first big weekend of summer at the cottage on a perfect lake just north of Toronto, in the fair province of Ontario Canada.

I’ve got some excellent interviews and content coming up including how to dominate the luxury listing market in your area, some more highly effective tools for a tough market and a very cool new tech idea for reaching out and connecting with clients that’s getting an 80% open rate.

But let me tell you about today’s guest…

Who better to predict the future of real estate than one of the leading tech real estate experts in the world?

My guest for this episode is Craig Rowe, a senior tech writer at Inman News. If you haven’t heard about Inman, it’s the biggest name in real estate technology events and news.

Brad Inman) is an Internet entrepreneur and founder of several online and offline companies, including Inman News which he founded in 1996

Looking back, Brad’s timing was perfect. The last 20 years has arguably seen more change than any other time in the last 100 years in my humble opinion.

And think about it…there’s a lot happening in real estate and a lot happening in technology. I have no doubt these two are on a collision course the same way that empty basement collided with airbnb and the same way the taxi industry got an unexpected Ubering from computers looking for some extra gas money. That… and a very sexy mobile app… which is where the tech comes in…

So speaking of Inman, I’m heading to San Francisco next month to showcase Jigglar. Here’s how it works; If you’re prepared to part with a $5000 investment and your start up is sub 2 years old, you can get a coffee table in Start Up Allie on one side of the exhibition hall. I’ve never been to an Inman event but always wanted to go and already have a couple of dinners on the town planned with some agent friends… so… if you’re coming to the event, let’s connect and say hello and I’ll give you a subscription to Jigglar 🙂

…and did I mention Jigglar has won an Inman technology Innovation award nomination? How could I miss the event? We have a snowballs chance of winning, but it’s exciting to be part of something that you build, launch and help agents get creative and save money at the same time. It’s the thing I wanted to do my whole real estate career!

Okay… Listen up Bestagents… If you’re a Bestagents member, you’re now entitled to some very valuable extras that have been recently added to your package.

You not only get exclusive rights to your territory to use your Bestagents personal marketing system, you also get heavily discounted, if not free, premium accounts with LockedOn, Jigglar and The largest real estate training library on earth, (this thing is a monster and can actually be seen from space) RE Express Results

Please message me if you want in and I’ll give you full details

Also, my next Private Client Mastermind kicks off soon and this season, we’re taking things to the next level.

There are only six places and we’ll be meeting once a week for 12 weeks. Here’s our agenda.

  • Setting up all your marketing templates including the top 6 designs and flyers for attracting new sellers
  • Setting up your stable of customised direct mail letters to make sure your listing pipeline is always full.
  • The best emails, letters and message and how and when to use them
  • The essential tools to adapting to a changing market and why a shift from sellers market to buyers market is the biggest and best opportunity you’ll ever get
  • The best emails, letters and message and how and when to use them
  • The best prospecting scripts
  • Working with an accountability partner to get make sure the important things get done
  • I’m bringing in a mindset coach to make sure you’re operating at peak energy and help you get the results you want in your career and your life
  • Plus a heap of extra ideas and strategies to build your brand and income

To find out more, email me at ray@jigglar.com and I’ll be back to you with everything you need.

Before I press play on my interview with Craig, I want to tell you that I’m listening to a fabulous book right now. It’s called The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday. Beautifully written with amazing examples, The Obstacle is the Way shares a proven theory about turning negatives into positives and looking for the opportunity instead of drowning in the panic and disruption of a crisis personal or otherwise.

While I was listening, I started writing down quotes that I thought you guys might enjoy.

  • People buy with emotion and justify with logic
  • How skilled we are at cataloging what holds us back
  • When you have a goal, obstacles actually guide you where to go
  • Genius is persistence in disguise
  • And my personal favorite, Stop looking for the angels and start looking for the angles
  • Plus his stuff on respecting the process is pretty sweet

It’s available on audible.com so check it out. It’s called The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday.

Okay coming to you all the way from beautiful Truckee California, ladies and gentlemen, agents and legends, please make some noise for Craig Rowe!

About Craig Rowe

Craig Rowe (pronounced “Rau”) is a career marketing and writing professional with an extensive background in real estate. He’s worked in commercial and multi-family, and currently helps a number of real estate agents and real estate technology companies generate content and marketing tactics. He’s also a staff writer with Inman, for which he covers and reviews real estate technology products.
Craig is also a backpacking and adventure travel guide, helping people and organizations get back in touch with nature. He’s the inventor of TripTarp®, a backpacking gear and trip planning tool, and lives in the mountain town of Truckee, California with his wife, Karen, and their Australian Shepherd, Ranger.
You can find him at copyandcontentgroup.com, or on twitter @TripTarp or @hikeclimbsurf.
Craig Rowe with his faithful Aussie Shepherd, Ranger

Craig Rowe with his faithful Aussie Shepherd, Ranger