TAP 122. Why EVERY agent needs to be on LinkedIn and how to avoid the mistakes most agents make. An interview with #1 LinkedIn Expert Viveka von Rosen.

Chances are right now or perhaps while you’re listening to this episode, a property seller in your area is searching online for a real estate agent. Here’s how t0 be included in their search.

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If your name and contact info comes up on page one of a Google search then congratulations… you’ve cracked the code now all you need to do is stay there…  but I’m going assume you’re not on page one, or even page two.

I’m also going to assume you compete with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other agents all pitching to get that precious call from a property owner looking to sell.

So here’s the thing:  If you’re not coming up in an online search, you’re missing out.

So how would you like to implement a plan to get on page one? And what if I told you that all it will cost you is some time and regular maintenance… say an hour or two a week.

I’m talking about a profile on the leading business social network, LinkedIn.

And if you haven’t heard of LinkedIn, it’s the company Microsoft paid more than $26 billion for in 2016.

Because LinkedIn is a heavy hitter in the online world, Google’s algorithm sees it as a go-to listing in their search rank, which means if you have a profile on LinkedIn, you’re riding on their Search Engine optimization coattails to rank better than almost any other platform.

And by the way, did I mention it’s free?

Discover The 8 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes and How To Avoid Them Here

So before you press stop on this interview and type ‘LinkedIn Expert’ into a Google search, let me save you some time because the person who comes up is today’s guest!

In the shownotes, you’ll find a link to grab a free copy of her eBook, 7 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes. (I read it and made changes to my profile that are already working) and if you’d prefer to watch instead of just listen, you’ll also find the video of our interview.

And just before we get started,   I’m going to say this is one of those time when I want you to drop everything and listen to the career-changing information my guest is about to share. Then I’m going to urgently suggest you don’t think about it, just do it. Go to the shownotes, grab the eBook for expert guidance and get started.

I still have no idea how I got her on my show.

She’s listed by Forbes Magazine as a top 50 social media influencer, she’s the author of three best-selling books, she mentors New Your Times bestselling authors and she’s listed as one of The Huffington Posts top 50 female entrepreneurs.  Not a bad resume!

All I can tell you is that she has awesome natural energy and shares so much gold in this interview.  So buckle up grab your notebook and make some noise for the one and only Viveka Von Rosen!

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