TAP 123. How To Market Luxury Real Estate. An Interview With Michael LaFido. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

When the stars want to sell their luxury homes, this is the guy they turn to!

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If you aspire to marketing luxury property, then you’re going to love this interview.

…and even if you not, can I suggest you tune in anyway because I can guarantee there is some gold in here for every agent wherever you are and whatever type of property you’re selling.

I recently heard that Luxury Real Estate Marketing guru Michal LaFido was in town so I got myself a ticket and learned more in a few hours than I have ever known about how to present and market high-end homes.

After Mike’s session I went up to say hi and line up this interview. I introduced myself and we talked as he packed up. Then I talked him into letting me drive him to the airport to catch his flight back to Chicago and I got to know a little more about his world and how he’s getting results for his luxury real estate selling clients.

Long story short, Mike’s success with Luxury marketing has him speaking with agents all over North America. In fact, with so many agents seeking him out for advice, he’s set up a Luxury Broker Accreditation with minimum performance standards. I think this is a brilliant idea and the first of it’s kind. It means agents who have working with Michael can market their Accreditation to potential sellers.

There are so many cool ideas in this episode. For example, in Australia and NZ it’s common for sellers to make a contribution toward marketing. This concept is still in its infancy in North America but listen to how Mike suggests you start the conversation with your seller.

He’ll also share the art of the reverse offer and how he’s using it to get deals across the line in, what is for many luxury property sellers, a buyer’s market.

And he doesn’t just give stuff away on this interview. If you go to LuxuryListingSpecialist.com  you can grab Mike’s Luxury Listing Tips and Strategies.