TAP 126. Is your Facebook page working for you or against you? A Facebook Page audit with Jessica Peterson

Well right out of the blue, near the end of the last episode, you might recall that my guest, the very talented and energized Jessica Peterson, offered to give my Facebook Page a live audit and like a deer in the headlights I said.. “well… sure”

This is a short video interview where Jessica looks at my personal profile page and tells me what I’m doing well, doing wrong, not doing at all and how to get my page humming like a new car engine.

And while there’s some value in listening in to her critique, you’ll discover much more if you head over to the show notes for this episode and watch the live screen capture video of Jessica and I talking about my personal page. The link for that is topagentsplaybook.com/126

I also discovered just how much people can learn about me just from the information I share which was quite alarming and more than a bit confronting actually.

There’s been a lot of news about Facebook of late. I don’t know if you saw Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg being grilled as he gave evidence before a US congressional hearing back in April but it showed the depth of cluelessness our lawmakers have when it comes to technology.

These are the people the US government ponied up to ask the hard questions and give some direction to where social media should be heading and guidelines to get it there.

But what we mostly saw was an inept panel of Dunces who showed they know or understand little or nothing about social media and technology in general. It was like watching a 2 year old child cross a busy street.

My personal view is that Facebook is a very useful tool if used correctly. It has also been a valuable companion in my daily life by helping me maintain special relationships with family, friends and clients wherever they are in the world and whatever they’re doing. Living so far from home would be much harder if it wasn’t for social media and FB in particular.

We live in interesting times and who knows what role it will be playing in just months from now. But while it’s here and it dominates, the info from this episode and accompanying video will help you leverage this exciting technology to your advantage in so many ways.

zoomIs your Facebook page working for you or against you? A Facebook Page audit with Jessica Peterson from Ray Wood on Vimeo.