TAP 127. How to write BUYER-attracting copy QUICKLY and EASILY. An Interview with Karen Hutton. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

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You win the listing, you’re pretty pumped and can’t wait to start marketing.
But if you’re like most agents, all of that listing excitement quickly leaves the room when it comes time to sit down and write some killer copy.

You know the rules: Don’t tell them what it is, tell them what it does. Tell them how it will make them feel. Give them a glimpse of the experience that awaits.

You want to impress your selling clients with powerful and persuasive prose.

You want to attract buyers like you’re a real estate pied piper and create the buzz we’re all looking for at our first open house.

You want your words and sentences to lift and carry the reader to new and exciting places

And you want to stand out as the real estate marketing guru in your market.

Good copy will help your reader mentally move in but it’s easier said than done and most copy just blends into the blah of generic type on a page where the reader simply skims for the keywords their looking for.

This is not only boring, it’s a big opportunity missed to impress the heck out of everyone who reads your creative writing effort.

However, I have good news, my friends, because today’s guest is going to help you cure your copy constipation and overcome your creative writing block with a solution so simple I’m surprised nobody has thought of it until now.

They call her the persuasive princess, the copy queen and the marketing maven but I call her Karen Hutton and she’s been writing killer copy that makes buyers drool for years.

When she’s not listing and selling up a storm with Husband Peter at their agency Hutton & Hutton in the inner Brisbane suburb of Newfarm, Karen is a keyboard for hire and writes some of the best real estate marketing copy you will ever have the pleasure of reading.

I loved connecting with Karen for this interview. Listen up and find out how you can get your hands on her best ideas and simply copy and paste into your next awesome listing.   

Here’s where you can get hold of Karen’s digital book and start writing better copy today.