TAP 129. How To Win The Listing and Other Cool Ideas. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

This episode is full of cool ideas to give you and your brand a winning edge.

I love heading out to real estate conferences whenever I get the opportunity.

Our industry is changing so quickly and there are now hundreds of events around the world but in particular, the US and Canada which caters to a rapidly changing and highly competitive real estate market which is home to almost 2 million agents.

The bigger brands are investing heavily in tech to support their Broker teams who are constantly searching for an edge.

This July I met up with my Jigglar partner, Josh Kohlbach in San Francisco at Inman Connect which is a teach focused real estate event run by the Inman group on the west coast each summer.

We stayed at the Hilton on Union Square and pitched Jigglar to the masses from our small booth in startup alley on the exhibition level inside the hotel.

It was great to connect with quite a few Australian friends like Peter Brewer, @Realty’s JJ Taylor and real estate tech entrepreneur, Eddie Lynch.

We also go to put some faces to the names leading up to the event like coach and trainer Dan Smith.

I wanted to get Dan on the show because he approaches real estate success from a different perspective and has some interesting future predictions for where our industry is heading and perhaps more importantly, where the real opportunities lie.

Dan’s book, ‘Failing Greatly. Your Guide To Achieving Success After Failure’ is an inspirational read and an international bestseller.

In this interview, Dan shares his best ideas and strategies on

  • How to stand out from other agents in your market
  • How providing 7-star service in a 2-star industry will help you quickly grow your business
  • And A dynamic listing presentation strategy that will take your chances of winning the listing through the roof

Connect with Dan and get a free download of his personal goal setting pyramid  at ByDanSmith.com 

Dan and I share a love of real estate, technology and a good story. He’s a great guy a good friend to bounce ideas off and I know you’re going to get some gold from the next 20 minutes.