TAP 130. How To Make Your Property Management Business More Successful. An interview with Kasey McDonald. A Podcast for Real Estate Agents

Here’s a Property Management expert that doesn’t pull any punches and brings a ton of value to the table!

In this episode, I share my personal success story about airbnb.com and offer the link to our listing in Moonstone Ontario, just north of Toronto.  I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from owners looking to list their properties on the platform. Our experiences have been great.

I’m delighted to present this episode featuring Kasey McDonald.

Kasey heads up The Property Management Training Academy. It’s a one-stop property management training and coaching solution that streamlines rental divisions through a broad range of services including training, mentoring and auditing.

She has introduced better practices, training and system implementation to more than 150 real estate offices around the globe. Her ongoing support, training, auditing and re-structuring strategies promote increases to bottom-line profits and efficiencies in poorly performing offices. From her experience as a real estate business owner herself, she has a thorough understanding of the key operations for any successful real estate enterprise. Kasey has the experience and results to equip business owners with the tools they need to efficiently run their real estate business for better future profitability. As the director of the Property Management Training Academy, Kasey assists some of the country’s leading real estate groups and is a sought-after keynote speaker both here and abroad including New Zealand and the USA

At the time of going to air, Kasey is offering a free consulting call to answer questions and provide some useful tools to help business owners tweak their rent roll to boost profit.  Use this link to connect with Kasey.

Note: After interviewing Kasey last month, I sent her info to a number of my private coaching clients and received awesome feedback!

Connect with Kasey here:  http://www.pmtacademy.com.au

Enjoy!  R