TAP 137. Perfect Photos = Perfect Agent. An interview with Wendy Edwards

Today’s guest shoots things for a living…  but not just anything.

Wendy Edwards at goldcoast.photography specializes in real estate marketing images and if you’re trying to create a compelling point of difference for you and your brand and you’re anywhere near Queensland’s Gold Coast, you should check out Wendy’s website and book her for your next twilight home shooting session.  You’ll find all Wendy’s contact info including the video of this interview in the shownotes at topagentsplaybook.com/137

So, I can hear my US and Canada listeners saying “What the heck is a twilight shoot?” well that’s something we’ve been doing in Australia for years.  Because, unlike Canada and the US,  the Australian and NZ, property seller will often meet the cost of marketing which is usually somewhere around 1% of the estimated selling price.

And sellers are happy to pay because they know things like pro photography make a massive difference to marketing, much of which is online.

So…  the twilight shot is perfect for any regular home and is taken as the sun’s going down with interior lights shining through the windows giving the home a glow and a warmth that you won’t get during the day.  See some samples in the shownotes.

Keep in mind, when a potential seller sees great professional images they think great professional agent, making the pro real estate shot one of the most important marketing ticks on your awesome agent checklist.

In my chat for this episode with Wendy we also get into using drones, videos and a heap of other interesting marketing ideas trending right now.

Wendy Edwards – Queensland Australia.  0402 042 799