TAP 148. Ray and Brad’s Roadtrip with Gary Vee… kinda

Okay…  Did we actually have multi-media marketing maven Gary Vaynerchuk in the truck with us from Toronto to the cottage on Friday morning? Well not actually but Box Brownie co-founder Bad Filiponi and I were inspired enough from hearing Gary speak at Realtor Quest the day before that we had some fun re-living the session and sharing our takeaways.

His message?  Well I couldn’t say it’s changed since I saw Gary live in Vegas a few years back and since I had him as a guest on the show (listen to episode 39 here) but it doesn’t really need to.

One BIG takeaway for me was this.

“Choose one medium and start building your brand. Whether it’s regular emails, a video or a podcast, select one and go for it”

Brad only had 24 hours in Toronto and he asked me whether he should catch the bus down to the border and check out Niagra Falls (yawn) or spend a day in the city and maybe do the CN tour (epic)

I said, I’m heading to the cottage… why don’t you come with me, so he did and we had a blast.  We recorded this episode on the way up North and brainstormed some great ideas including an exciting future project.

Thanks for the company and ideas Brad. Looking forward to catching up again soon.

Brad and I getting ready to head back to Toronto. Sat June 1 2019

It’s amazing what you can pack into 24 hours! Brad and I getting ready to head back to Toronto. Sat June 1 2019