TAP 15. The Auction Machine! A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Melbourne’s Glen Coutinho knows a thing or two about selling by auction. Glen and his team auction up to 15 properties on a weekend and have a massive popular following in the prestige inner Melbourne suburb of Kew.

In this revealing session, Glen shares his main ideas around real estate success and how he handles a massive workload, a huge team, being a father of 5 and making sure he gets to see his football team play every home game.

If you know anything about Melbourne, you’ll know how Melbournians love the competitive and genuine transparency of buying and selling property by public auction.

The sudden death, 20-minute scenario of a public auction happens quickly but only after a major marketing campaign designed to attract every potential buyer. You’ll learn how Glen and his team plan an auction campaign, how it’s financed and how they bring it together on the day.

Selling real estate by auction is a Melbourne institution that has now spread to many centres in Australia and New Zealand. RT Edgar is one of Australia’s longest serving real estate companies and Glen’s market dominance and personal following in his community continues to enhance this prestige brand.

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