TAP 152. Arabella Hooper makes the Top 100! This is how she did it.

Meet Arabella Hooper. This is what happens when focus and discipline meets an organized plan!

There’s a saying that goes; if you want to get something done, give the job to a busy person, and if you’re into extreme productivity, getting results and squeezing a little more out of each day, I think you’re going to love this interview.

My guest today is a 16 year veteran and this is the first year she nominated to be listed in REB’s Top 100 agents in Australia.

She’s also a mother of four young children so I’m thinking the only way she can achieve such impressive results is because she’s organized with industry-best systems.

Her entry into the list of elite top earners is due to pure numbers in terms of listings and sales. She’s not selling $5 million dollar homes in Sydney or Melbourne, she based in the beautiful hills district just outside Adelaide South Australia.

And for my listeners not familiar with the Adelaide Hills, we’re talking about some of the most beautiful country on earth. Lush green rolling hills, horse studs, hobby farms, larger commercial agricultural operations and home to some of the most successful and award-winning wine companies in Australia and the world.

Arabella Hooper is a team member at Harris Real Estate.  As you’ll hear in a moment, there’s little time for indecision and time-wasting in her world. Listen out for her strategy on working with unmotivated sellers and how she’s learned about the damage they can do to your productivity and your business.

And we get into the weeds on some very relevant ideas that will help you lift your results.

Meet Arabella