TAP 155. An Interview with Toby Salgado, host of Super Agents Live

Back when I was kicking off this podcast, I’d been listening to Super Agents Live which is the number 1 rated podcast for agents hosted by Toby Salgado.

Then I had a thought…

What if I connected with Toby and we interviewed each other for our shows?

It would be a win-win and we could share each episode with our respective audiences and help spread the word.

I emailed Toby and he said “I’m In”

That was back in January of 2016. It was my 33rd episode.

Super Agents Live is closing in on 300 episodes and Toby works hard to deliver excellent content each week.

Can I suggest you subscribe to his show on iTunes or Sticher or wherever you download your podcasts by searching Super Agents Live or go to SuperAgentsLive.com

Toby is also a huge fan of radio adverting and works with hundreds of agents helping them win more listings and make more sales in their local area.

It doesn’t matter where you are, Toby knows the game and can probably get you very sweet deal on airtime. He also knows what type of stations work for real estate marketing and what don’t.

He’s happy to chat and give you more info, so if you’ve ever wanted to break into radio advertising and stand out from the crowd, this is an excellent opportunity from a proven global authority.

Check out MyRadioExpert.com for more info.

This episode is pretty much me and Toby talking real estate marketing and what’s working right now. He shares some valuable insights.

My Radio Expert