Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Google. Mobile websites. Confused? Don’t be.  TAP into these awesome ideas!

Here at Top Agents Playbook we love to tackle the tricky and confusing and help them make sense to our real estate agent followers.

If you’re wanting to jump in the deep end of the social media pool, but can’t swim. Don’t panic. We’ve got the bright yellow floaties that will keep your head above water and have you synchronized swimming in no time.

Geoff Evans has been helping me with my marketing for the last 6 months. He’s an acknowledged leader and speaker in the social media space. I really like working with Geoff because he breaks things down into easy-to-understand chunks.

Here’s a summary of what we cover in this podcast:

Is your website in Google Jail? Recent changes at Google mean they’ve stopped ranking non-mobile friendly websites. Here’s a link to test your site to see if Google rank it or tank it

We take a look at creating the ultimate mobile real estate website and look at the must haves to engage your visitors for longer.

Geoff demystifies the whole hashtag thing and shows us how to package a compelling story about ourselves to stand out from the competition.

We also cover twitter, LinkedIn, effective Facebook marketing and how to optimize your social media and web presence for search.

Here are Geoff’s mobile website must have (mobile friendly) tips

  1. Make sure you have the user’s objectives in mind. Why are they searching mobile? What are the key things they are trying to achieve? Make it easy for them
  2. Keep your menu short
  3. Make it easy for the user to navigate back to the home page
  4. Don’t let promotions and pop-ups ruin the user experience

How to use Twitter. Why it’s different and the important things you need to know if you’re going to start using it.

What the heck does using a #hashtag do?

The primary way to generate leads is to provide valuable content so create a blog. (The hidden nugget in this podcast…  thanks Geoff)

The importance of telling a story. What to focus on and how to make it compelling. As a consumer, we’re way more interested in you and what you are than real estate in general. So building a story around this and sharing something of yourself is vital. (Hidden nugget number 2)

You can learn more about Geoff and his excellent coaching options at SocialMediaCoach.ca

Here’s Geoff’s Google article on LinkedIn.

We didn’t get to cover dark posts on Facebook but they are a very effective way to connect with your market and not many agents are using them. Here’s a couple of excellent explainer videos.

Here’s the link to Seth Godin’s website.

We didn’t talk about Gary Vaynerchuk in this interview but check out this video from Gary about Facebook Dark Posts.  Gary likes to drop the F bomb when he speaks so if colorful language offends don’t press play 🙂

Here’s a cool explainer video showing you how to create a dark post on facebook.

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