TAP 160. The Power of Auction. Harcourts to share their auction system

In a world first, real estate auction leaders, Harcourts are to offer their unique sell-by-auction system to non-Harcourts branded agents

If you’ve never offered a property for sale by auction before, either as an agent or as property owner, you’re going to think of it in terms of risk.

My North American listeners might be interested to know that selling real estate by auction is alive and well in many parts of the US and increasingly in Canada.

I’m not talking about power of sale, a Mortgagee clearance, bank forclosure or a distressed selling situation. I’m talking about a property owner who wants to sell and maximize their result, who teams up with an auction savvy agent and committing to an auction campaign.

But up until now, this has been tricky.

Many agents in North America haven’t auctioned a property before and I’m sure most wouldn’t know where to start.

And, in fairness, it’s only natural to have concerns and reservations about something that’s unfamiliar or different in much the same way people protested when the first motorized vehicles started threading their way through American Streets back in the 1890s.

But now something exciting is happening.

Harcourts, the company that pioneered the Australian method of selling real estate by auction in California, and a number of neighboring states, are for the very first time, offering their complete auction marketing system to non-Harcourts branded real estate businesses.

This highly innovative and proven business model is being spearheaded by well-known auctioneer and regional director at Harcourts Pacific, Ben Brady.

If you’re a regular listener to the show you probably would have heard Episode 151 with Ben where we got into Harcourts push into the Californian real estate market and in particular, how the group has perfected the real estate auction system.

Well now, that system is a marketing gun for hire with everything from complete marketing guidelines to access to the online bidding app that Harcourts has developed.

Ben and his team are kicking off this brand new concept in San Francisco but I have no doubt they’ll quickly spread East into new markets where enterprising real estate brokers and brands will be interested to discover the power of auction and the power of offering a dynamic and compelling point of difference to their selling clients.

It was great to catch up with Ben again.

We get into how the system works, why it’s popularity is booming and the advantages selling by auction delivers to homeowners, home buyers and agents.