The Auction agents that scrambled early to explore and adopt the best ideas are now reaping the rewards. Discover exactly what they’re doing to stay two steps ahead of their competition

First off, a big thanks to everyone who reached out to see how I’m doing.

We’re still in isolation here in Canada like so many others and life is good. It’s been a super busy time with lots going on and I’m making the most of what I’m calling a ‘reset’ with a number of projects on the go to help agents adjust to win more listings and make more sales.

In the last episode, I mentioned how my team and I are rolling out a series of Virtual Agent lead generation landing pages and virtual tools and the response from my podcast audience was way more than I expected.

I’ve actually spent the few months setting up a new membership group where I’ll be not only creating landing pages and social media templates but re-releasing eBook versions of my books. And one book, in particular, I have ghostwritten so you can be the author.

And, for the very first time, I’m inviting agents I work with to access my private library of marketing tools, graphic templates plus my back catalog of scripts and client email copy.

If you’re familiar with how I work, I prefer to offer postcode exclusivity so only one agent per area can use these resources.

Right now, I have a growing list of agents I’m bringing on board as Founding members who’ll be ‘grandfathered’ into the group with a below-cost deal to access everything and be part of this new movement of Virtual Agents complete with area exclusivity!

If you’d like to know more, please reach out to me on Facebook and send me a private message or email me and I’ll get you more information on the Founding Members Package.

Speaking of Virtual Agents, I was interested to find out how Australia’s world-famous Auctioneers have adjusted to this new contact-free environment. Are they still running auction campaigns? If so, how are they doing it?

And who better to reach out to than my brother David who ranks as one of Australia’s top auctioneers.

David is a partner at Belle Property in the premier Inner-Melbourne suburb of Albert Park and at the first sign of restrictions surrounding the COVID 19 changes, David and his team quickly adapted with a combination of applying the best tech tools and solid client communication.

The outcome has been a steady stream of listings, some very impressive results, and a lot of happy clients.

In this interview David and I get into the biggest challenges he faced, how he was able to educate buyers, the actual process the Belle Property team employed to conduct fully isolated and contact-free actions and the new strategies he thinks will remain when this global reset is over.

Belle Property
Contact David Wood

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