TAP 177. This guy is turning real estate rookies into legends! An interview with Jake Dixon

Here’s a real estate coaching and support team that looks after rookies!

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…and speaking of training and support, this week’s guest heads up an innovative company serving, what some might describe, as the forgotten agents in the real estate industry.

My guest, Jake Dixon is CEO of the Locker Room.

The Locker Room services what Jake calls the ‘Blue Ocean’ of agents who make up 97% of our industry.  I’m talking about the agents in their first year or two doing less than 24 deals a year.

The more I got into this interview with Jake, the more I began to realize the stunning attrition numbers in real estate and how the difference between success and failure can often be so small.

I often wish I could connect with every new agent and help them hit the ground running by intensely focussing on the all-important blue dollar actions. But I guess that’s what this podcast is all about.

Jake has terrific energy and it’s easy to see why so many agents are opting into working with The Locker Room to quickly achieve great things.

We cover a heap of topics during this session but I really like Jake’s take on what is needed to quickly succeed in an industry where so many struggle.

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