TAP 178. How systems give your real estate business growth and consistency. An interview with Troy Kincaid

The system is the solution. Every great business has one or more

It’s been a huge month for me and Bestagents with a bunch of awesome agents coming on board and securing exclusive area rights to their postcode.

I’d like to personally welcome some new Bestagents members including

Craig Robinson from Castle Hill in NSW

Daryl Johnson from Hamilton NSW

Melissa Saad from Camp Hill in QLD

Leonie Snook & Steve Welsby from Wellington NZ

A special shout out to Craig, Daryl, Melissa, Leonie and Steve.

I’m delighted to share our Bestagents resources with you guys. Welcome top Bestagents and I’m looking forward to working with you to help you grow your brand and your numbers as you offer a clear and compelling point of difference to property sellers in your areas.

I can also share we’re about to roll out another lead generating landing page offering sellers in your area a current list of recent sales under the domain TruePriceFinder.com This is an additional offer at no charge to Bestagents founding members.

…and if you’d like to find out if your area is available, message me with your location and postcode and I’ll let you know.

Well, it’s always a pleasure to catch up with Troy Kincaid from Colac in Victoria.

Troy joined Bestagents in 2012 looking for ideas and systems and his journey from a raw beginning to a consistent number of sales each month is evidence his systems work and work well.

In less than 12 months from joining Bestagents, Troy’s business had doubled and within 3 years doubled again.

In the last 170 plus episodes I’ve profiled some amazing agents doing amazing numbers. Many enjoy an average selling price of more than $1 million but country agents in regional centres like Troy rarely see those prices so they need to really heavily on volume and consistency.

And as you’ll hear in this interview, there’s a powerful underlying community commitment that gives Troy and his team a valuable edge. All that and more, coming right u