Can you imagine the leads you’d be getting if your website generated up to 2000 visitors each day?

Melanie Piche is a partner with The BREL Team and in the highly competitive Toronto real estate market, business is booming with sales doubling each year for the last three years.

Mel and husband Brendan are obviously doing a lot right.

A big part of their success has been creating an abundance of leads and when you take a look at their website, you’ll quickly see why.

Mel and Brendan have worked hard to position their business to look completely different from the typical real estate business model.

You’ll find out how Mel is marketing on Facebook and the one thing she recommends every agent should be doing to boost their personal brand and their numbers.

There are some absolute gems hidden in this 33 minute episode.  Mel’s journey of digital discovery and online marketing success offers invaluable information to every agent everywhere.

Here’s the BREL Team’s Facebook page. is custom built in WordPress by artifakt Digital Inc., a Toronto-based Digital Strategy Agency.
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