TAP 213. The market has changed. What now?


How are agents adapting to the changing real estate market?

In this episode, I re-connect with Owner/Broker Trent Pool to take a look at the strategies working best for Trent and his teams in a very different real estate environment 😎

G’day everybody, welcome back to the show and wow! …the market has changed and many any agents are in ‘uncharted waters’ so in this episode, I want to get into what needs to happen to adapt and strive.

Most agents have never experienced a falling property market, a reduced number of listings and rising interest rates all at the same time.

Most agents warmly remember a very different time when listings were falling out of trees and most sale prices were above asking.

The agents doing well in current market conditions are the agents who know what to do.

Today, I’m delighted to deliver another interview with my friend Trent Pool from McGrath in Noosa Heads, where we unpack exactly what he’s been doing to not only motivate his teams but guide them to the most important daily tasks that get results for their clients and the firm.

Also, important side note: In this episode Trent talks about his Listing presentation which is something we are continually tweaking and have worked on together for years.

If you know me you’ll know how BIG I am on winning the listing and delivering the ultimate listing presentation.

In fact, I’m so big on it that I dedicated a whole episode to that exact subject. It’s also one of my most popular episodes here on the show.

It’s episode 112 and I’ll put a link to it in the show notes for this episode which is 213 but to find it just Google ‘TAP 112. How To Deliver The Ultimate Listing Presentation’

In that episode I take you through not just the actual presentation but the all-important pre-listing kit and my specific ideas to avoid the two most common mistakes agents make when meeting with a seller to win the listing.

Listen to Ep 112 where I take you meticulously STEP-BY-Step through the Pre-listing and listing pres process

Download my .pdf for the Ultimate Listing Presentation Here

Let’s get you in front of more clients!

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