TAP 214. If you HAD to get a listing today.

This idea came up quite by accident so Lisa and I decided to run with it.  I sent a last-minute email out to my list and got some awesome responses. Thanks everybody for participating. There are no longer any excuses to not have a bunch of listings and a full pipeline.  Dream big and take names 😎

Lisa’s TOP ideas

1. Specific target prospecting – if you have no buyers – find some.
2. For sale by owner – marketplace and FSBO sites
3. Withdrawns. properties that were on the market
4. Sphere of influence – anyone you know that could have a property to sell
5. Doorknock around listings yours and other agents
6. Make sure you build a database from day one

Ray’s top ideas

  1. I would go ‘crazy’ on expired listings then target For Sale By Owners on all the socials, marketing sites like Gumtree, Kijiji and Craigslist
  2. Print off a bunch of IMPORTANT NOTICE Flyers you can find in jigglar.com (Just type IMPORTANT NOTICE) in the search field (See flyer graphic below)
  3. Print off 300 IMPORTANT NOTICE flyers in Jigglar and follow the correct formula to get them out.  Watch the ‘how to’ video here

From Linda Goer
Call family and friends

Find someone in the office I could work with

Ask for the office orphan data

Get out of the office and start talking to people – ensuring I am wearing my name badge

Ask colleagues if I could do their open homes

Call Ray Wood and discuss his new secret weapon!

From Dottie Moretz  Broker/Realtor. Beech Mountain,NC
1. I would reach out/call everyone that I know) and ask for a referral or whether they are ready to sell their home.

2. I would call FSBOs that have recently listed their properties. I would ask to preview the property and discuss the benefits of working with an agent. I would prepare a pros and cons list along with a seller’s 2-3 page info on selling a home.

3. I would find another agent (that is established) that would let me co-list a property with them.

4. I would go introduce myself to my neighbors and see, if anyone wants to sell.

5. I would call acquaintances to try and find someone looking to sell.

6. I would go to my local coffee shop and with a sign offering to buy coffee for customers that are willing to talk to me about selling their home.

7. I would call local companies to inquire about employees that may be relocating and offer my info. Probably wouldn’t get far, but you don’t know if you don’t try.

8. I would go to a local restaurant and offer to buy lunch for any patrons that will talk with me about real estate and selling their home.

9. I would offer free comparable market analysis to anyone that I could and talk to them about selling their home.

10. I would offer a Seller’s Workshop today on how to sell your home fast for the highest and best price and would go by offices with flyers inviting prospects to the workshop at a popular local restaurant with party room and offer dinner to all that attend.

11. I would go to Lowes’ or Home Depot and talk to customers. Especially those buying packing supplies.

12. I would go to Lowes’ or Home Depot and talk to contractors. They often know who is getting ready to sell, before others do.

13. I would call my local banker/mortgage broker to see, if he/she has any referrals for sellers getting ready to sell a home.

14. I would send out an email to everyone that I know asking for help finding a listing.

15. I would send a voicemail broadcast out to all my neighbors or neighborhood that I want to list in.

16. I would reach out through social media to all my friends, family to help find a listing.

17. I would reach out to potential sellers through social media.

18. I would send a video of myself to homeowners/ potential sellers in my immediate area.

19. I would ask my broker for leads.

20. I would call my hairdresser for possible leads – they talk to and know a lot about their clients.

21. I would call a real estate agent that has recently retired and ask for referrals.

22. I would post on social media asking for a new listing and post why I would be their best bet.

23. I would call my nail tech for possible leads – they talk to and know a lot about their clients.

24. I would ask agents in my office for potential seller leads that they have dropped the ball on or couldn’t close and offer a referral fee.

25. I would door knock.

26. I would cold call.

27. I would call a top-producing agent in the market and ask to buy leads they can’t follow up on or aren’t interested in.

28. I would call builders’ offices asking to list their upcoming builds.

29. I would call expired listings.

30. I would visit a divorce attorney’s office and ask for referrals.

31. I would read past Obits for the last month and reach out to those homeowners.

32. I would set up at the entrance to a neighborhood that I want to list in and offer coffee and doughnuts to everyone leaving with my card and local market data for their neighborhood handout.

33. I would get permission to set out in front of my local grocery store with a display about home selling and talk with customers to find a listing. I would have market data for the surrounding neighborhoods as a handout. I would offer $50 grocery gift cards for each person who books a listing appointment with me.

34. I would reach out to everyone that I knew in High School through social media looking for a listing.

35. I would have my husband asking co-workers, if they are interested in selling.

36. I would go to the mall and talk to people walking around looking for a listing with handouts of market data for surrounding neighborhoods.

37. I would go to an agent hosting an open house and offer to help with their open house and explain that I need to find a listing lead and offer them a referral fee, if I find one.

38. I would record a video and post to all my social media asking for listing. I would then ask all my friends and followers to share.

From Trish Walls. The Gold Coast Qld Australia
I would check realestate.com.au to see if there are any properties listed by multiple agents and contact or door knock the owners to try to list them and open the home to get some traction.  Also, a drive around my area for a signboard check although it’s not so common to have open listings these days, but you never know!!  …. It was easier when we had classified ads in the newspaper!!

A post on Facebook to all my ‘friends’ advising that I am now in real estate and offer an incentive to anyone who can refer a property owner who might be interested in selling.  I would also offer an incentive to anyone who chooses to sell with me (ie a marketing program for example).   

Of course, I would couple this with some sort of letterbox drop into my target area.

From Troy Kincaid Colac Victoria
Expired listings.

Social media boast with hot buyer cashed up.

Drive by local streets checking who is renovating, painting, skip bin out etc.

Call every legal rep in the area introducing myself. Then “asking do you know anyone thinking of selling” Every person I speak with I would be asking this question.

Friday & Saturday nights first week I’d spend the evening at the busiest pub/club in the area with my business cards then visit this place regularly.

From Michael Good Toowoomba QLD
Door knock around current listed / just solds offering a market update.  Do 100 per day for 10 days and I guarantee you would find someone selling by the end of the 10 days

Find old appraisals/data in the office and call around those

No agent should ever look to get listings without data… ie they should start out alongside an experienced agent as a PA and progress to sales once they have 300-500 bits of data.

From Ron Tomblin. Hamilton and Ancaster Ontario Canada

I this case I would turn to my friends and family for a referral.

From Leigh Ingle NZ
1. Call everyone I personally know & ask “who do they know…”

2. Go doorknob every property I see painting, tree shaping or any kind of renovation work at all.

From Trent Pool Noosa Heads Qld

Knowing what I know after 22 years my go-to would be

  1. I would first ask for any office data that’s not being worked and call it all.
  2. My own office & competitors  withdrawn listings would be getting a call, door knock or hand written letter (or all 3)
  3. Door know around sold properties either with in  your office or competitors offing a market report or updated property assessment
  4.  Ring Ray Wood and ask him if I could have access to Trent Pool …that famous guy from the podcasts so I could get some advice from him! 😎

David Searle
I’d print off a list of buyers my agency had (privacy compliance done etc) and door knock whatever suburb I could (preferably the one with highest turnover) until I had an appraisal.

Scripting would be a simple: “If I could bring you a legitimate offer that would knock your socks off, would you consider it?”

Andrew Wood. Wood Property in South Melbourne
Call 100 buyer enquiries

From Mike Cranstoun Dunedin NZ
I would ask the principal or manager if I could contact past appraisals from other agents that weren’t working them.

From Kevin Young from Brisbane
Perhaps FSBO’s would be where I’d start. It might be old fashioned and not very sexy but it works.

Andrew Clark from Barefoot + Thomson in NZ
Ask my manager for an orphaned list of branch contacts

Talk to other agents in office and ask for their open home lists of 1-2 years ago or longer (offer 50:50 split on any listings)

Ask to run other agents open homes (talk to buyers)

Open phone contacts. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see the count. Call 10 contacts a day and talk – Family, Occupation, Hobbies/sports, Goals… and maybe who do they know that requires assistance with their property. Are they contemplating a real estate transaction this year?

Go and introduce myself to a local lawyer, accountant, and mortgage broker and ask for any referrals.

From Shona Robb Harcourts in NZ
I was a single mum and had no support or advice when I started- My manager had a major health event.

Every agent must have received all the messages from all the real estate gurus- learn everything – Knowledge really makes a difference and you don’t have long to be new.

I had a buyer that was going to be homeless – their house had sold.

I phoned everyone I had ever met and looked like the agent that cared -I genuinely do care. I got my first listing from those prospecting calls and have now sold 4 properties for this family.

Genuinely caring is a great business model

I really appreciate always receiving your emails Ray …Thank you

Kind regards