TAP 219. 2023 Wrapped! (Part 2) more tech, US politics, interesting facts :-) Ray + Joel unplugged

Hello loyal listeners and I hope this finds you well and enjoying a break over the holidays.


This episode happened when my producer Joel called me to say we needed some content to finish off the year which was when I said “I don’t have anything lined up so why don’t you and I just create some”😎

My new song is titled ‘F*** this fire’s hot’ so it’s not for little ears  …If the Eff word offends, please don’t click!!
It started as a joke a couple of summers ago at the cottage when one of of friends got too close to the fire and the song idea kind of snowballed from there.
Our friend Amanda is a songwriter and recording artist and she liked the riff so I went down to St Catherine Ontario one afternoon in the summer of 2023 and we recorded the song between us.  I have never done anything like that before so it was a lot of fun.  Amanda can play anything and has a great voice so she filled in all the gaps to give it a great sound.

Then, when we were done, she suggested I send the master file to a former Sony Music engineer and he made it sound even better!

Here’s the result!

Youtube link to my song:  (F*** this fire’s hot!)
Spotify link to my song: (F*** this fire’s hot!)

Other links Joel and I discuss are: