TAP 226. One agents global business. An interview with Barry Pulver

Let’s continue down the eXp road a little further as it’s opening some very interesting doors!

Barry Pulver is a former international journalist and radio show host with experience in all aspects of journalism from the largest media corporation in the world. Writing for newspapers reaching a large local area in North Carolina, USA, currently hosts a popular radio show in Charlotte, previously produced his own radio show in London, England.

He’s also the real estate agent who expanded eXp from being a North American company to being an international one.

Barry is currently the #1 global eXp real estate agent with a $billion+ yearly team who is focused and passionate about helping every single real estate agent reach their OWN goals and potential by providing them with direct mentorship and the tools and systems to help them develop their success through their OWN brand….

In 2023, Barry and his team helped over 7,800 families accomplish their housing dreams and goals and I believe we have the blue print, tools and mentorship to help you achieve the lofty ambitions you deserve for your business and your family!

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