TAP 32. How to hire a Virtual Assistant for $7 an hour. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents


Ready to take everything to the next level? Why don't you hire a VA and spend more time doing the things you should be doing?

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My interview with Brett Russo

The rise and rise of the virtual assistant (or VA) continues unabated.

Every month, more real estate professionals are outsourcing many of their non-dollar productive actions and saving thousands in the process.

But many have tried to hire an assistant and for whatever reason, it didn’t work out. If that’s you, I’m going to quietly suggest you reconsider if you’re serious about 2 or 3 Xing your numbers in the next couple of years.

I recently interviewed super agent Marcus Chiminello from Marshall White in Melbourne and spoke about his journey and what happened after he found the help he was looking for.

Be sure to check it out when it goes live in the next few weeks.

So here’s the thing: If you’re doing stuff you shouldn’t be doing, it’s costing you money. If you listen to this interview with Brett Russo who has built a business around supplying VAs to agents, you’ll quickly see, as I did, that there’s plenty someone else can be doing and for a fraction of the cost of what you might think.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Brett.

Click this link to contact Brett and find out more

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