TAP 38. How to ‘future-proof’ your real estate career. An Interview with Brad Inman. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Uber? airbnb? the mighty real estate portals.? Where will the disruption end and is real estate safe? Let’s find out from someone who knows.

I think you’re going to enjoy my interview with real estate and tech entrepreneur, Brad Inman because you’re about to get the heads up on who will still be in real estate in 12 months time.

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Well in case you haven’t noticed real estate has changed and it’s about to change again.

And one man leading the charge is entrepreneur Brad Inman.

If you subscribe to Inman News or if you’ve been to an Inman connect event, you’ll understand the sweeping change that’s happening in the real estate industry at all levels.

The agents who attend an Inman Connect event are leveraging technology beautifully and represent some of the best performers in real estate. For these guys business is good and getting to events like Inman Connect, is good for business.

Brad says it’s essential that agents become smart about the market, very good at negotiation and exceptional at building relationships so they can make deals happen

He says the consumer is getting smarter all the time and predicts the one essential asset every agent will need in the next 5 years.

In the show notes for this episode you’ll find a link to subscribe to Inman News and the lowdown on coming Inman Connect events.

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Click here to learn more about Inman Connect events

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