TAP 40. This app 4X’d my Instagram followers in 3 Weeks. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

In just a few weeks my Instagram follower numbers have exploded. All because of this amazing app and a few tricks I learned along the way.

A few months ago I started using a very cool app.

It was cool because it lets you create awesome images with great looking fonts, styles and even pre-loaded copy.

Back in the day, if you wanted to create a great looking message graphic, it would have to be designed by a graphic designer which would take days and hundreds of dollars.

This amazing app, called Typorama, lets you do it in minutes and it’s free.

You can choose different sizes for instagram, facebook LinkedIn, in fact wherever you need images, you can probably do it in Typorama.

You can create an image and send it to a client or use it in your blog like I often do.

In the last few weeks I’ve used it to take my Instagram followers from 180 to over 800 and Instagram is rising quick by the way.

In fact, here’s a quick video to show you how I use the app together with a couple of Instagram hacks that you’ll find useful if you’re trying to grow your followers too.

How to create and post awesome images with your mobile phone and the Typorama app. from Bestagents on Vimeo.

So, this episode is about the Typorama app. It’s built by a very clever app developer and his name is Sarp Erdag.

But before I intro Sarp I want to quickly mention 2 books:

Last week I was speaking with Melanie Piche.

You might remember Mel, the Toronto agent from Episode 19. Her website gets more than 1000 hits each day and Mel is a master at creating awesome content to engage her clients.

Anyway, she told me Content Machine, a book written by tech entrepreneur Dan Norris, is one of the best marketing books she has ever read.

Content Machine shows you how you can drive traffic to your business by offering awesome content.

In fact Dan, who has agreed to an interview right here at Top Agents Playbook is offering a free course on how you build your own content machine in the next 7 days. Here is the link to Dan’s amazing course (I can’t believe how much awesome content this guy gives away)

And just so we’re clear, what is content?

Content is useful information and ideas that you can learn from and start using in your business to win more clients. Content is what we offer here at top agents playbook.

And why do we offer it?

Well let’s use me as an example.

I offer it because once you start listening to my podcast, download the letters and tools from my websites and it starts winning you business, you might be inclined to become a personal coaching client, a Bestagents member or a LockedOn software customer.

That’s how give-to-get marketing works.

So how can this apply to you?

You can start using helpful free content to wow people in your area who will be encouraged to hire you to help them buy or sell.

Think of my book. How to sell your home for more.

Bestagents members use the offer of a free book (that’s $40 at amazon.com) to show sellers how they can influence their selling price.

Or the other 2 lead generation books we have available, Hot Seller Tips and the ultimate home sellers guide.

That, my friends, is content.

If you want to know what other types of content agents can offer that will blow their clients away, check out my podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk at tap.com/39

The other book I want to recommend is called Mad Genius (Randy Gage) It’s a very interesting read and will change the way you think about marketing and promoting your personal brand.

…so the buzz is really starting to build around AREC

The dates are May 22 and 23 on the GC in Qld Australia. Check out the awesome speaker lineup and grab your pass here

When you get a moment, open up the app search on your iphone and install Typorama. You’ll love it trust me.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Sarp. One day when he’s a massive tech billionaire, you’ll remember this interview 🙂

By the way, my Instagram account is #TOPAGENTSPLAYBOOK

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Typorama developer and company CEO, Sarp Erdag. Watch out for Videorama!

Click here to discover more about Typorama

Click here to discover more about Typorama

Content Machine by Dan Norris is a game changer. This is the blueprint with the power to transform ANY business

Content Machine by Dan Norris is a game changer. This blueprint has the power to transform ANY business

Mad Genius by Randy Gage will change the way you think about marketing your personal brand. Fascinating read!

Mad Genius by Randy Gage will change the way you think about marketing your personal brand. Fascinating read!