Tap 42. How To Get Noticed In A Crowded World. An Interview with Scott Ginsberg the name tag guy. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Here’s a stunning example of out-of-the-box innovative marketing that everyone can learn from.

What if I told you I’ve just finished an interview with a guy who’s worn a name tag for the last 5621 days. I think that’s something over 15 years.

You’d probably think he was crazy right?

But then something in your subconscious might click in, just like it did with me and you’ll think… hang on… I think I’ve heard of this guy.

Scott Ginsberg is a writer but he also has some very special skills.

In the marketing world he’s created an amazing niche as an expert at getting noticed.

So check this out… Since 1999, Scott has written 30 books, 7 musical albums, 3,000 articles, 600 speeches, 88 training videos, 5 software applications, 2 concert documentaries and 1 globally recognized brand on approachability and getting noticed.

But just before you meet Scott, I’ve got something important to share.

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She says the difference from her old real estate software was literally night and day

She estimates the lost opportunities from not using better software in the last 18 months has probably cost her in excess of $100,000.

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So join the force and set yourself up with Real Estate’s Best Software

I know you’re going to love it.

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Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Extreme Marketer. Scott’s innovative thinking and ideas are rocket fuel for your brain. You can even hire Scott’s to help you design a great marketing strategy for your business. Here’s his website so you can connect.


Check out Scott’s awesome books here!

The massive impact from one tiny action/decision has been a game changer for Scott. Check out his TED talk here.


Scott has been featured on all the major networks.