TAP 43. SOLD ABOVE MARKET. An Interview with Geoff Grist. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

There’s no better way to quickly boost your personal brand than becoming the author of your own lead generating book.

If you’ve ever thought about writing your own book as a lead generator, then you and I have a lot in common.

The professional credibility, marketing power and personal brand awareness that comes with being a published author is far greater than anything I could have possibly imagined.

Another agent currently enjoying a heap of publicity from becoming a real estate author is my good friend, Sydney agent, Geoff Grist

Geoff and I met many years ago right when I was getting Bestagents off the ground.

He understands real estate marketing and the value a great agent can add when working with a property owner to help them sell for more.

In the years since, Geoff and I have shared many ideas and kept in touch.

And when I heard he’d written his own lead generating real estate book, I couldn’t wait to read it and feature an interview with Geoff on the show which you’re about to hear.

Over the years, a lot of agents have told me they’re going to write a book but few actually get round to it, I think that’s probably because they underestimate the amount of time and pure effort involved.

I believe that good writing is the foundation of good marketing and in the show notes for this episode at Top Agents Playbook, I’m including a link to check out and buy Geoff’s book, SOLD ABOVE MARKET

I’m also including a link to a special website I’ve set up called RealEstateAuthors,net where you can become the author of your own lead generating book.

If you’d like to start lifting your personal profile and marketing impact by becoming the author of your own book, it’s as easy as going to realestateauthors.net where I show you exactly how to get involved.

Or simply head over to the shownotes for this episode at TopAgentsPlaybook.com/43

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