TAP 46. Should you do a real estate podcast? A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

When I first started doing this podcast, plenty of agents asked me if they should do one too. At the time, I wasn’t really sure.

I didn’t really know if I would like podcasting. I’m involved in 3 businesses that take all of my time, so why would I want to block out half a day a week to record and produce a podcast?

Well, as you’ll hear in this episode, I’m a passionate convert to the world of podcasting. I have even signed up to attend the Podcast Movement Convention in Chicago this August. That’s pretty hardcore even for me. I’m closing in on 50 episodes and my only regret is that I didn’t start 3 years earlier.

I’ve tried to answer every possible question in this episode but be sure and message me if I can help in any way.  ray@bestagentshq.com

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Here are some of my favourite Podcasts.

  • Here’s The Thing. Hosted by actor Alec Baldwin. New York City centric show featuring interesting people like Dustin Hoffman
  • Under The Influence. Excellent marketing podcast hosted by ad man, Terry O’Reilly.
  • Reply All. Tech stuff
  • The Foundr Podcast. Excellent show feature interviews with new business start up entreprenuers hosted by Nathan Chan
  • Smart Passive Income. Awesome online business marketing show hosted by Pat Flynn
  • Someone Knows Something. Intriguing podcast documentary about the disappearance of a 5 year old boy in Canada in 1972

You can find any podcast simply by searching for it in iTunes, Sticher or Google.com

Auphonic.com is a subscription-based online software platform that magically produces each podcast episode. It can take out the hissing, bumps, highs and lows.
Libsyn.com is a subscription-based online software platform that will host your show (it’s where your audio file lives on the internet) and gives you a link so you can post it to your website.