TAP 51. 5 Things Top Agents Do. An Interview with Charles Touma. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Top agents focus on 5 specific areas to boost their numbers and keep their listing pipeline full.

Show Notes From This Session

You can hear the passion and commitment in Charles Touma’s voice.

I think this session really does a great job to summarize the 5 key areas top agents do very well.

I’ve named it PACTS for Priority, Accountability, Commitment, Time Management and System/Team

Priority. Top agents know how to set priorities for every minute of every day. They rarely spend time in the thick of thin things and are always focused and conscious of where their time should be spent. They don’t believe in luck, only their own ability to spend time completing tasks and actions that bring results.

Accountability. If a top agent says she’s going to make 30 calls a day, she makes 30 calls a day. They are 200% personally accountable to themselves and set higher personal goals. They don’t let themselves off the hook.

Commitment. I’ve noticed the top agents have a personal coach and are fully committed to their own success. If they need advanced training in any area, they get it. Their commitment is obvious. When I listen to Charles, I hear an abundance of deadly serious commitment.

Time Management. Great time management doesn’t happen by accident. Goals are set well in advance and days are planned days or weeks before. That way, the important things get done.

Systems & Teams. All top agents have great systems and great teams. Okay, they didn’t start with a ready made team and awesome systems but because they’re committed, they found or developed the best teams and systems to make them more productive.

By the way… If you’re building a team, don’t be afraid to hire someone different to yourself with a different set of skills and my number one rule? Make sure you hire someone with motivated enthusiasm. You can’t hire someone without these qualities and expect them to become motivated and enthusiastic. They have to have those qualities before they start with you.

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