TAP 52. How To Get More Listings. An Interview With Aaron Shiner. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Got a question for you… Are you reacting to a lack of listings or executing a marketing calendar that’s constantly working to win you new business?

I find the top agents are pre-planning and scheduling contact with their list via mail, SMS, email and phone. This is a proven pro-active approach and one I would suggest to every agent looking to boost their numbers

Specifically, in this interview, we look at 2 areas of focus. One is established clients who need nurturing and care and 2 is new contacts.

There are a few reasons why this is an important interview and one that’s going to give you a heap of clarity around your professional priorities right now.

My guest today is Aaron Shiner. Aaron is a partner in a thriving real estate business in Western Sydney, he also travels around Australia and NZ speaking with agents so knows their pain points and he knows what makes them successful.

In this interview with Aaron, you’ll get some key insights into setting up your marketing plan. How often you should connect with potential clients and what to say.

Aaron gives us his specific ideas about what to say on your prospecting calls and the one thing every agent should be doing when they call.

How many listing appointments you should schedule for a week and how many buyer appointments? We get into that

How to execute the best just listed and just sold marketing campaigns. What you should send, when and how many.

In fact, there’s a heap of ready-to-use content and ideas in this interview and I think you’re going to love it.

Full disclosure, Aaron and I run Bestagents. Bestagents is a postcode exclusive personal marketing system for real estate professionals. We provide software, systems lead generating concepts and support.

A Bestagents membership package includes full access to more than 90 proven marketing pieces at PrintReadyAds.com, a lead generating website and personal profile website plus a heap of dedicated training and coaching tools to help you grow your personal brand and your business.

Our focus is on working with Bestagents members to help them create and maintain more quality relationships with potential clients.

Click the graphic below to download Aaron’s Annual Marketing Calendar (.pdf)

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