TAP 57. FBI agent shares conflict resolution tools. An Interview with Gary Noesner. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

If we’re talking conflict resolution, nobody trains harder and gets more real-life experiences than an FBI agent.

My first interview with Gary Noesner (pronounced ness-ner) is the most popular episode so far. Check it out here and download the document Gary gave me to share with you.

I’m getting great feedback on my podcasts for real estate agents but I really like the idea of breaking up my weekly interviews with non-real estate guests who can share their life experiences and how we might learn from their personal life and career lessons.

My last episode with US Navy SEAL, Leif Babin is a classic example. Leif’s battlefield lessons from 3 tours to Iraq gives us a very unique insight into personal accountability and getting results in a life-threatening scenario.

You can check it out here

When I reached out to Gary about a second episode he said “Let’s do it.”

It was Gary’s idea to dig deeper into conflict resolution and I’m so glad we did.

He shares so many useful tools we can use in business and in life.

Make sure you check out Gary’s best-selling book, ‘Stalling For Time’ My Life as An FBI Hostage Negotiator.

These are real stories from the trenches. They are well told with so many valuable lessons from his time as a lead FBI agent.

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Click here to buy Gary’s book. Stalling For Time