TAP 58. How Nashville’s Super Agent drives his business. An Interview with Josh Anderson. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Here’s a team that’s shaking things up in the country music capital of the world.

But first, if you’ve been tuning-in to this podcast since the beginning, you’re probably noticing a few things all top agents have in common.

In fact, even the last 10 episodes give plenty of clues to the way the very best agents dominate their market.

Today’s interview is with Josh Anderson. Josh runs a team under the Keller Williams brand and is the top agent in Nashville Tennessee. Look out for some awesome client care tips and how Josh and his team connect with their huge list of contacts. 75% of their business is repeat or referral.

So with my 60th episode coming up, I thought now might be a good time to review some of these common success habits and actions so you can do a self-audit on your working day, week or month to make sure you’re doing them too.

  1. First thing I see is exceptional client care and follow up. When the other agents stop contacting someone, top agents keep going. They also look for different and innovative ways to keep in touch.
  2. The second thing is that top agents see themselves as providing more than just a real estate transaction. I have noticed how they look for ways to reach out, connect and help out where they can with things like recommending professional services and an elevated level of client care .
  3. The third thing is Community. Top agents understand the power of Community. They don’t just pay lip service to helping out, they look for ways to really get involved with the people in their area and are happy to roll up their sleeves on a regular basis. Josh gives a great example in the interview and for more ideas on this check out Scott Lachmunds interview at topagentsplaybook.com/53
  4. Thing 4 is that their online marketing is as good as their offline marketing. Their websites are mobile friendly and they’re set up to quickly respond to incoming requests from potential clients. They use a quality CRM plus another support technology required to position them above the competition. (Josh and I get into this during our call)
  5. And finally, Prospecting! Top agents don’t stop prospecting even when they become super agents. Listen to recent interviews with James Tostevin or Charlie Touma and you’ll see just how dedicated they are to regular quality prospecting and staying top-of-mind with their clients.

Josh’s Bio. Originally from Nashville, Josh graduated from Louisiana State University in International Trade and Finance. Josh served 8 years in the U.S. Army, including a 10-month stint in Bagram, Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom. These experiences, coupled with the education he received from Louisiana State, have molded him into a focused, disciplined, and strong willed individual. Josh Anderson can best be described as a man of high energy with a passion for Nashville real estate. He is a business savvy professional with a strong desire to cater to his clients’ particular needs. Client satisfaction is paramount! Josh’s market expertise coupled with his superior negotiating skills set him apart from the rest.

Josh Anderson and his team, The Anderson Group, have been ranked in the Wall Street Journal’s Top 1,000 Agents and RealTrends Magazine’s Best Real Estate Agents. His team closed roughly 239 transactions in 2015, resulting in over $80 million dollars in volume. Serving Middle Tennessee, the Team of 12 runs the gamut for real estate experience, each specializing in his or her own component.

To learn more about Josh Anderson and The Anderson Group’s quest for domination of the Nashville Real Estate market visit JoshAndersonRealEstate.com