TAP 59. Lisa Curry’s Recipe For Success. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

If you lived in Australia in the late 70s, the 80s and early 90s, it would have been almost impossible not to notice blonde Queensland swimming sensation, Lisa Curry.

In a stellar 23 year career Lisa won a staggering 30 international swimming medals including 15 Gold.

She represented our country in 3 Olympics, she’s been awarded the Order of Australia, and among many other accolades was inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame in 1985.

It’s difficult to dig deep into someone’s life in a short interview like this, let alone someone who has achieved so much.

But what you’ll get is a very open glimpse into the career of a champion willing to share her highs and lows, so that others may benefit, as I’m sure you will.

Working with and inspired by some of the great coaches, Lisa takes us behind the scenes and explains how she’s continuing their work in her own way.

Her post-career life as a mum and successful entrepreneur is a story in itself, as you’ll discover.

Lisa’s passion for health and fitness is inspiring people every day to shape up and squeeze a little more juice out of life so make sure you check the show notes to learn more about Lisa’s highly successful KISS program.

If you are serious about getting in shape, some of the success stories from people Lisa has worked with are amazing.

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Lisa Curry. Swimming superstar, entrepreneur and coach. Lisa's 10 week KISS program will get you in shape fast!

Lisa Curry. Swimming superstar, Entrepreneur and Coach. Lisa’s 10 week KISS program will get you in shape fast!