TAP 62. The Top 10 Ways To Get Listings. (PART 1) Ray Wood with Neil Mathweg. A Podcast for Real Estate Agents

Here is THE LIST of ideas if you want to get listings… and some will cost little or nothing!

Because I’m always doing Google searches for real estate podcasts to see how my podcast is ranking, I notice every other good podcast for real estate agents as well.

Last year I discovered Toby Salgado’s podcast, Super Agents Live and you might recall I interviewed Toby for my show, and he interviewed me.

That way we both get to connect with audiences we don’t have. It’s a clear win-win.

Then I noticed another podcast for real estate agents climbing up Google’s search rankings.

The Onion Juice Podcast is host by Neil Mathweg, an energetic and creative realtor from Madison, Wisconsin.

Neil’s message is to encourage agents to become a media company that happens to sell real estate and as soon as I saw that, I knew we were a good fit.

I thought we could do something similar to what Toby and I did and create some awesome content that our listeners would immediately benefit from.

So then, like any good agent, I started stalking him and following a relentless onslaught of emails, Facebook and text messages, he gave up and agreed to an interview we could both use as an episode for our respective podcasts.

We decided on a topic that’s close to the heart of all great agents, listing. In fact, the 10 best ways to get listings.

As you’ll hear in this episode, Neil and I dive deep into, what we believe, are a heap of great listing ideas that you can start using today… and you’ll be pleased to discover that some cost little or nothing.

Then once we got started, there was no holding back and we agreed after our recording session that we have too much material for one show and decided to create two episodes.

So here is the 10 best ways to get listings, Part 1.

I want to thank Neil for saying yes to being involved and I’m hopeful that my contribution will be as much help to his listeners as his ideas are to mine.

…and make sure you do yourself a favor and check out Neil’s awesome podcast at onionjuicepodcast.com and while you’re there, download Neil’s cheat sheet where he’s perfected an interview technique that gives him a 99% success rate at listing presentations. It’s brilliant!

Neil’s Podcast: www.onionjuicepodcast.com

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