TAP 65. How to start your own real estate business. An interview with Peter Hutton. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Oh come on… Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about starting your own real estate business. If you’re playing with the idea of taking the leap, this is sage advice from a very experienced source.

A little while back, I wrote a book called the Ultimate Home Sellers Guide. It’s a lead generator specifically designed to attract sellers and looks at the 5 key influencers every property seller needs to consider when they go on the market.

But unlike my other books, my name is not on the cover.

I wrote this book so my agent friends and Bestagents members could become the author of their own book and build their brand in one of the best ways I know.

Right now, we’re doing a bulk print run which slashes the cost of printing and shipping.

If you’d like to know more and catch the October 2016 order deadline, go to realestateauthors.net or see the link in the show notes to this episode at TopAgentsPlaybook.com

Okay, lets get into today’s interview

If you’ve ever thought about opening your own real estate business, you probably know you have choices. You can join a franchise, a marketing group or you can create your own brand and do it all yourself.

And, don’t forget expenses. As you’ll hear in this interview with Brisbane agent Peter Hutton, it’s easy to overestimate your potential income and underestimate your expenses.

Peter, and wife Karen, are a very interesting business couple. Their new agency, Hutton & Hutton has been built from the ground up and leverages their experiences from running a highly successful agency in inner Brisbane before heading down the coast to Byron Bay for a few years.

But creative people are quickly bored so they’re back and in this episode, Peter shares his ideas around setting up a new agency and reaching out to build new relationships and highly a profitable business in a whole new way.

Peter has a passion for marketing and knows how to get noticed. In fact, next month, he’ll launch his own podcast, This Brisbane Life.

The podcast will tap into the pulse and life of one of the world’s greatest cities. He’ll be connecting with the influencers, business leaders, sports people and artists from Queensland and beyond

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Peter and Karen during this year and I’ve seen how they’re going about setting up their business with some very innovative ideas.

I’ve been encouraging real estate people to set up their own podcast and I know agents everywhere will be watching Peter and tuning in to This Brisbane Life to see what he’s up to.

For a sneak peek at Peter’s branding check out facebook.com/thisbrisbanelife

And if you’re considering a brand change or would just like some ideas, here’s Peter’s contact info.

A great branding investment is money well spent and gives a terrific ROI if it’s done properly so make sure you connect with Peter to discover more about his winning formula.

You can build an awesome real estate website on a shoestring. And be sure to read my blog on how to maximize you SEO

You can build an awesome real estate website like this on a shoestring… And be sure to read my blog on how to maximize your SEO