TAP 67. Success leaves clues. An Interview with Mark Lands. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Systems = Success. How to get organized in a busy world and leverage your time to get more results.

If you’re a regular listener to this podcast, then I’d like to apologize for my absence over the last few weeks.

Christine and I were in Australia to catch up with friends and family and while I had plans to record and publish new episodes on the road, life got in the way.

When we got back, we moved into an apartment near downtown Toronto which is much closer to Christine’s work and will save her at least 2 hours commuting each day in brutal traffic. But the move and apartment set up took me another week. Fortunately I have a black belt in IKEA furniture assembly so we’re nearly there 🙂

We’re not selling our little chalet in the snow. It’s very popular on airbnb.com but that’s another story.

Today, the thermometer is just below freezing and snow is on the way but I’m confident the buzz of the shops, bars and restaurants in our local community will make it all worthwhile.

If you’re on my VIP emailing list, I recently sent you a message asking you to share your pain points. So far there have been more than 100 responses but many relate to similar issues so I’m going to bundle those up, consult some expert help and get back to you on a forthcoming episode very soon so look out for that.

Okay, let’s get into my interview for this session:

When you speak with so many top agents, you make observations and see patterns.

One thing I notice is that the best agents know their numbers very well.

This is my second interview with Mark Lands and I have to admit, it’s fun to watch a young and dynamic agent build his business by making sure he has the best possible tools and business systems set up and working to win him extra results.

Mark’s agency has continued to grow since our last interview and in this episode, he explains why he believes his results continue to improve.

As Mark builds his team, his brand and market share, he gets into the specifics of the daily actions that win him new business.

Something of a systems junkie, Mark and his team work their software hard and are always looking for ways to tweak their formula and make sure they have a solid pipeline of potential sellers. 1687 to be exact.

And at the risk of giving away his secret sauce, Mark shares the key components of his Unique Selling Proposition, so here’s your chance to borrow some very cool and proven ideas from one of South Australia’s rising stars.

They say that success leaves clues and I think you’ll find plenty in this interview with Mark.