TAP 69. The Lead Machine. An Interview With Dale Archdekin. A Podcast for real estate agents

How does the world’s #1 real estate business generate leads?

If you’re not familiar with US based real estate giant, Keller Williams, it’s probably just a matter of time.

Said to be the largest real estate company in the world by number of agents, Keller Williams was founded by Texas based agent Gary Keller in 1983.

Keller Williams is highly innovative and empowers its people with systems and a unique style of brand support.

In fact, if you go to the show notes for this episode you can download a cheatsheet called The 5 CRITICAL steps to hiring a Top Sales Agent. This is a valuable recruiting blueprint so if you’re looking to build your team, make sure you check it out

I was keen to get an inside look at how Keller Williams excels at getting results so I tracked down Philadelphia agent, Dale Archdekin

Dale is a marketing strategist and lead generation specialist focusing on forging better relationships between his KW business, called The Philly Living Team and former and future clients.

I started out asking Dale about the Keller Williams philosophy of business as depicted in the best selling book, The Millionaire Real estate agent, co authored by Gary Keller… And about Dale’s role with the company in Philadelphia.

Contact Dale: +1 215-323-5833 Extension 102
Email: dale@phillyliving.com  Website: SmartInsideSales.com

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