TAP 70. Agent does $1.5 million in year 2. Another interview with Patrick McKinnon. A Podcast for Real Estate Agents

He used to sell TVs, now he sells real estate. Patrick McKinnon shares his amazing journey.

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A little over a year ago my business partner Luke Newton told me about this Queenslander who’d been yanked out of job selling TVs for Harvey Norman and thrust into a real estate career with Brisbane company, Coronis.

I think it’s safe to say he adapted. In his first year, Patrick McKinnon did $750,000 in gross commission so I could tell this guy knew how to hustle.

And by the way, you can listen to my first interview with Pat simply by going to www.topagentsplaybook.com/26

So what does he do in his second year in real estate? He doubles it.

Listening to Patrick is like listening to a high performance car with the engine idling a little above normal so it can rev faster and higher at a second’s notice.

But this is not a platform for a top agent to show off. What you’ll get from Pat is a very solid ‘how to’ guide for real estate success. In fact he shares his private email templates right here in the show notes so you can copy and paste into your system. He understands the philosophy of giving to get which makes for a fascinating chat and exciting journey into the world of a super agent.

Download Patrick’s 3 standard listing emails here:

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