TAP 72. 12 ways to get listings and other cool stuff. An Interview with Emmy Thies. A Podcast for Real Estate Agents

She’s back and she’s better than ever!  My first interview with the amazing Emmy Thies was episode 36 and she didn’t disappoint. This interview was a heap of fun and we even got around to talking about real estate!

Special thanks to my LockedOn partners, for sponsoring the show. For the first 18 months I edited and produced the show myself. It was interesting to learn about recording software and production but I’d rather be interviewing guests and creating great content for you so I’m now outsourcing production and distribution which gives me more time to source interviews with top aegnts to help you win more listings and make more sales.

And speaking of LockedOn, the much-anticipated Version 2 is scheduled for release very soon so watch this space.

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Well, there are a lot worse things to do than hang out with Emmy Thies. Even if it’s only a Skype call.

Emmy doesn’t do things by halves except her glass half full approach to everything.

But underneath that positive and bright personality is a dedicated and very passionate real estate professional who’s ready to share her success strategies and pay back a wealth of industry knowledge that’s helped her build a pretty amazing career.

She’s won a number of real estate industry awards and everybody’s watching to see what she’ll do next.

Right now, Emmy and husband Tye are the owner/principals at Coronis Toowoomba in Queensland’s Darling Downs.

I’ve featured interviews with Coronis team members before including Patrick McKinnon and founding managing director, Andrew Coronis. The Coronis business model is an impressive and growing brand in Queensland’s south east and attracting plenty of top agent talent like Patrick, Emmy and Tye.

Make sure you listen for Emmy’s best listing tip ideas and I’m particularly interested in the way she uses her business to indulge her passion for travel and adventure.

We get a little excited during this interview and you’ll hear some colourful Australian lingo so a quick warning if there are little ears in the back seat.

Happy Australia Day!

Download Emmy’s 12 Ways To Get Listings Here

Email Emmy at emmy@coronis.com.au

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