TAP 76. John McGrath’s 2017 Forecast. A Podcast for real estate agents

One of my most popular interviews for 2016 was episode 37 with Australian real estate icon John McGrath.
You might remember the episode was recorded after three or four attempts during a brutal Canadian blizzard and John, being the good guy that he is, put up with our crappy connection and came through with some great content.

So with AREC coming up in May, I was keen to connect with John and get his take on this year’s impressive speaker lineup and also his predictions and forecast for 2017.

AREC is the premier Australasian real estate event and attendees are the cream of our industry who never miss this vital annual think tank and networking opportunity.

And by the way, your friends at LockedOn have lined up a generous discount for your pass at AREC 2017. Just got to ArecConference.com and use promo code LOCKED17 to get hundreds off your pass for the whole event.

And speaking of LockedOn, everyone is keen to learn when the much anticipated Version 2 will be available.

In the past I’ve hinted at release dates and they’ve come and gone but I’ve learned that this is the reality of software development.

However, I can tell you, we are well into the Beta (testing) phase, which is the final step prior to launch.

The live demonstrations we’ve made to agents in the field have generated extremely positive and encouraging response. Without exception.
And the development team are now completing the final module which is a new and upgraded DNA feature enabling enhanced marketing and client care.

The real estate market is changing globally. I know this because I get regular messages from agents around the world. In fact the top 6 listener countries are (in order) Australia United States  New Zealand  Canada  United Kingdom and South Africa.

Listen out for John’s take on what he believes this means for agents and how we can leverage these changes to grow our personal brand and future business pipeline.

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