TAP 77. How Zillow is sabotaging property sellers. An Interview with Dustin Brohm

For a time there were two main real estate websites in the US.
Then in 2014, Zillow and Trulia joined forces in a stock deal worth $3.5 Billion.

So if there was any doubt the brash startups wanted more of the $12 billion a year US real estate marketing budget, those doubts were removed to reveal two aggressive players that some insiders believe are trying to make agents irrelevant.

In a crazy race to disrupt the market and draw attention to themselves, Zillow and Trulia looked for ways to offer buyers more information.

Zillow, for instance, has its own home value algorithm called Zestimates while Trulia offers extensive rankings on crime, public transit and schools.

But increasingly, the real estate industry and consumers are asking how relevant or even how accurate the information they publish actually is.

So, I’m thinking, great subject for a podcast interview. Who is the authority in this space with an opinion that matters.

After less than a minute consulting the riches of another brash start up disprupter, (Google) I have my guy.

The first thing I notice about Salt Lake City agent Dustin Brohm is a that he’s a very good marketer. His website is super clean and informative. His blogs are well written and target what’s going on in his community not just real estate.

He understands the power of engaging his market and building a brand by giving people what they want.

And yes, I know I’ve showcased agents before on the show who are doing the same thing and business is booming. So why aren’t more agents doing it?

The second thing I notice is that a recent article by Dustin titled ‘Why Zillow & Trulia Suck So Bad’ has been shared almost 700 times. Bingo!

Make sure you check out the links in the show notes to Dustin’s website and Facebook Group.

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Dustin’s website and blog: SearchSaltLake.com

Dustin is inviting Realtors, mortgage people, and title people to join his Facebook community. Snappack Live Facebook Group

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