TAP 78. 7 Core Success Behaviours To Guarantee An Incredible Real Estate Career. An Interview with Garth Makowski. A Podcast for real estate agents

This guy always rocks my world with so much good content and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to deliver these seven points.

They didn’t come out of a self-help book. They are a genuine and heartfelt checklist of life-changing principles  to live and work by and they are delivered by someone enjoying the spoils of an amazing real estate career.

If you’re a subscriber to this podcast, you’ll know there’s been no shortage of real estate advice. But how much advice do you need?

Let’s look at Garth Makowski’s qualification to author this impressive list

As the Principal at Harcourts in Campbelltown NSW (Australia) he’s actively operating as a sales person and also manages a team of 40.  Generating more than $400,000 in commission by himself, is not out of the question.

He’s dedicated Family man who makes time for the real ‘gold’ in his life.

I’m grateful to call Garth Makowski a good friend and enjoyed this opportunity to connect.

Download Garth’s 7 Core Success Behaviours To Guarantee An Incredible  Real Estate Career here.