TAP 81. How to create a real estate stampede in a tough market. An Interview with Sarah Johnston. A podcast for real estate agents

She has almost 12,000 Instagram followers and her real estate success is determined by her mindset NOT the market… plus, she’s a cowgirl!!

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Apparently, if you’re looking down from space over North America at the right time of year, you’ll see the mighty snow covered Rocky Mountains that stretch from the Alaska and The Yukon in the north all the way down to New Mexico in the south.

About halfway down, nestled on the plain just east of the Rockies is the city of Calgary Alberta. Perhaps you know it. Perhaps you’ve been there. It’s only a 90 minute car ride to the Canadian icon and tourist/skiing mecca of Banff and it’s also home to the world famous Calgary Stampede where rodeo riding champions from around the world compete at the annual festival which is the cities biggest tourist attraction.

And if you’ve been to the Calgary Stampede recently you might have noticed a blonde barrel racer by the name of Sarah Johnston who also sells and lists real estate in her Calgary community.

I wanted to catch up with Sarah because, in no time at all, she’s amassed almost 12,000 Instagram followers and is leading the change in the way a new breed of agent is leveraging social media to create and build relationships. It’s inspiring and empowering. Just do an Instagram search for adventures in real estate and you’ll find her.

And can I suggest you listen out for Sarah’s very straight forward but effective hack to influence your mindset. You can tell it’s important to her because recently, the oil economy in Alberta has taken a hit and that’s effecting the property market and the local real estate industry in so many ways.

Here’s Sarah’s Instagram page!

And here’s Sarah’s real estate website.

The World Famous Calgary Stampede. The best rodeo on earth!

I've been to Alberta many times. It's absolutley magnificent. The Albertans are warm and inviting and LOVE to party! The scenery and drives are breathtaking! Bring your camera :-)

I’ve been to Alberta many times. It’s absolutely magnificent. The Albertans are warm and inviting and LOVE to party! The scenery and drives are breathtaking! Bring your camera. This place is heaven on earth 🙂