TAP 82. The Communicator. An Interview with Warren Tate. A Podcast for real estate agents

Get ready to double your communication skills with these easy-to-follow ideas.

Have you ever really thought about the power of communication?

Each day we use up to 45,000 words, and in any real estate marketing situation, how we deliver those words will determine our success. Then there’s our body language from the moment we enter the room.

But when you think about it, how we communicate will determine our success in every aspect of our lives, from finding a partner to finding a job. From pitching an idea to helping your teenage daughter understand why she needs to be home by a certain time.

All of us want to be better communicators and I have personally studied this subject closely and read many books.

But for the most part, this has been heavy going.

I’m the first to admit I’m a little A.D.D and struggle to wade through anything that doesn’t quickly deliver the ideas and solutions I’m searching for.

But when I read Warren Tate’s book, I Get You, I finally found the communication book I’ve been looking for because when I read this book, Warren gets me!

Maybe that’s because he some history with real estate and I can see how he’s honed his communication skills in an industry like ours that is so sudden death. Or maybe it’s just because he has simplified everything with great examples so everyone can quickly get to the good stuff and make those all important changes.

I really admire passion in business and in life and I know that writing a book is no easy thing which is why I wanted to get Warren on the show and let you discover his career changing ideas for yourself.

In addition to his solid real estate background and being a published author, Warren is an accomplished public speaker and has delivered more than 1500 coaching sessions to agents in Australia and New Zealand.

I want to recommend you head over to warrentate.com.au and order yourself a copy of I Get You. I loved it and you will not be disappointed.

In this interview you’ll discover

  • The single biggest mistake most agents make at the listing presentation
  • How to change the game at listing presentations to swing the odds in your favour
  • The two most important things to keep in mind when you’re speaking whether publicly or one on one
  • And how the power of questions will help you influence your conversation to reach the outcome you’re looking for