TAP 83. Everything you need to know about hiring a Virtual Assistant. An interview with Brett Russo and Mai Melgar

If you’re worth $90 a hour, why are you doing tasks that could be done for less than $10 an hour?

Few would argue that time is our most precious resource. In fact I believe the only thing separating real estate’s top agents and the rest is how they leverage their time and the actions they complete.

If you consider that the 5 essential dollar productive actions are negotiating a sale, delivering a listing presentation, getting a price reduced, prospecting and doing an open, everything else (in a perfect world) is something someone else should be doing.

So why are you worth $90 an hour?

When calculating their hourly value I think most agents approach this incorrectly.

Instead of working out what you’re earning now, I believe you need to do your calculation on your target income like this:

If you work 6 days a week and have 6 weeks of a year, you’re working 276 days a year or 75% of the year.

So let’s say you work a 10 hour day which means you’re working 2760 hours a year.

Let’s say you want to earn $250,000 in GCI a year. So divide that by 2760 hours and you get an income (value) per hour of $90.57

And here’s the thing;

Why would you be doing tasks and completing actions at $90 an hour when you could hire someone to do them for under $10 a hour?

If you understand this point, you’ll understand how real estate top agents are way better at leveraging their time to do more of the things that make them money.

Use this link to connect with Brett and set up a free consulting call. I did and it’s now a VITAL part of my business.

the-27-most-common-tasks-real-estate-agents-outsource-to-their-virtual-assistants (Infographic)

Click the image above to listen to my earlier podcast with Brett

Click the image above to listen to my earlier podcast with Brett