TAP 84. Auctions come to USA. An interview with Harcourts USA CEO Rob Forde

Nobody does real auctions better than the people who invented the system. So who better to show the Americans how it’s done?

Having lived in North America for the last 8 years, I can tell you the way real estate is bought and sold is very different to Australia.

It’s probably important to keep in mind that North American habits and traditions are very well ingrained.

Typically, agents will sign a listing with the seller agreeing to a 5% fee or higher. This is because the listing is uploaded to a national database where any agent can introduce a buyer and enjoy a 2.5% fee. So 2.5% for the buying agent and 2.5% for the seller.

But it’s not uncommon for the agent to introduce a buyer and receive the whole 5%.

From a buyers perspective, the North American system is hardly transparent with consumers, legislators and many agents calling for changes to something more open.

Enter the auction system.

It’s been tried before without much success but Australasian Real Estate giant, Harcourts are investing heavily to lead the charge.

In California, they’ve appointed Rob Forde, a very likeable and highly capable Australian with a wealth of experience and a mighty task in front of him.

So far, he’s kicking goals and has the numbers to prove it. Time will tell how this brave push in to a foreign market will go but my money is on Rob and the team he’s building in California to show the USA and the world the very best selling system there is.

About Rob Forde
At the age of 26 Rob was appointed as the CEO of Harcourts NSW in Sydney (a key growth market for the international brand) and within two years of his appointment he saw 75% growth across the state.
Rob was raised in regional South Australia and attributes much of his success to his grounded upbringing. “It is critical in business to treat people the way that you would like to be treated and never take anything for granted.”

Rob’s passion has always been delivering exceptional service for all clients from all walks of life. This passion and drive has been responsible for Rob’s multi-faceted involvement in the Real Estate Industry. He has run a successful sales and property management business in Sydney’s exclusive Lower North Shore region and during his time in senior leadership roles, Rob continued to work as a senior auctioneer, selling around $270,000,000 worth of property under at auction.

Having completed a double degree in International Business and International Studies, Rob has the knowledge to offer his team great insight into Real Estate business with a strong focus on recruitment, business planning and international marketing within the Harcourts network. Rob understands that successful outcomes stem from hard work paired with tactful strategies and he is determined to be an integral part in building a real estate network that delivers an exceptional client experience across the board.

Even more importantly, Rob offers belief. He is an enthusiastic and passionate individual who believes in his clients and believes in his own ability to achieve an outstanding result.
Outside of work you will find Rob at one of California’s local beaches as he is a keen surfer. “Surfing gives me the perfect escape, it’s just what I need to clear my head and recharge.”

About Harcourts USA
Harcourts has been at the forefront of the real estate industry for over 125 years, and continues to expand worldwide. With over 800 offices in 8 different countries, Harcourts is committed to providing exceptional personal service to their clients, and prides themselves on trust, honesty, and integrity. Company values include: People First, Doing the Right Thing, Being Courageous, and Fun and Laughter. These are the 11 words the Harcourts team lives by; this philosophy is their recipe for achieving personal satisfaction, high morale, and continued success. For more information on the Harcourts USA division, please visit www.harcourtsusa.com.