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This week’s guest reveals the secret weapon that earns him $2 Million a year in GCI.

But more about that in a sec.

I’ve been playing with the new LockedOn and I have to say I’m impressed.

I think my favourite new LockedOn feature is where I can take a name and number at an open and LockedOn automatically sends the open house visitor a short customised text message saying:

“Hi John, thanks for visiting my open house today. I just wanted to give you my contact info in case you have any questions. Regards Ray”

The brand new drag and drop emailing template builder is a thing of beauty and will WOW your contacts with cutting edge graphics that look great on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

To find out more, go to LockedOn.com

I’m on a mission to reach out and connect with agents looking to take things to the next level.

So far this year I’ve had the chance to work with some awesome men and women and I’ve been able to help them tweak their personal marketing to position themselves as the real estate authority in their area.

We’ve done this by doing things differently and turning the focus off the agent and onto their target market.

There are way too many agents out there, but those that have a clear and compelling point of difference are getting noticed by the people that count.

If you’re interested in joining them, I’d love to hear from you.

All you need to do is head over to RayWood.net and use the confidential online form to tell me about your current goals and challenges. I’m interested to learn more about your best opportunities right now and some recent victories and what are the specific things holding you back.

If I think we might be match, I’ll set up a time where we can chat one on one. This call is on the house and there’s no obligation, I’m here to help you get the results you’re looking for.

Before we get started, I’m reading a great book about fitness, money and wisdom. It’s called Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. I know many of my listeners love Tim’s podcast and his first book, The 4 Hour Work Week

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I’m really enjoying Tools Of Titans. Tim Ferris has tapped into his vast network of awesome and gifted friends and contacts to deliver a beautiful guide to health, success and wisdom. It’s the kind of book you can pick up, open to any page and get amazing ideas. There’s no puff or padding, Tools Of Titans is AAA content.


Tools Of Titans is not a traditional book. It’s a collection of short but powerful ideas, strategies and suggestions for life, love and happiness from those who have been there. So you can grab it and reference anything anytime

Let me read some highlights from the back of Tools Of Titans so you’ll know what to expect.

Who am I?  I earn 2 million a year in GCI. I personally list up to 17 properties a month and sell up to 15. I run a Harcourts team out of Blacktown in Western Sydney Australia and I rarely work on the weekends.

I made 4,000 contacts in my first 3 months in real estate and I now has more than 15,000.

My fee for service is more than 3% when my competition charges 1 or 1.5% if they can get it.

When I hear these numbers I have to know more.

Here’s an agent who truly understands the importance of not only taking names, but providing exceptional nurture and follow up.

Listen to how he leverages his software to reach out, connect and nurture his massive database.

Listen as he explains his favourite and most productive contact method.

And listen to how he builds and retains relationships, the software and systems he uses that put him in the top 1 percent of agents in the country.

This guy inspires me because he’s prepared to do whatever it takes and made the decision to set himself up early in his career rather than the traditional method of slowly gaining contacts.

Wherever you are in real estate and whatever you’re doing, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of takeaway gold from this interview with Andrew Chrysanthou.

Check out Andrew’s website here