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Here’s the king size kick in the butt you’ve been searching for!

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I Just finished a very interesting Webinar all about telephone prospecting.

During the session, Aaron shared a very cool prospecting matrix he’s built that quickly shows what calls are going to give you the best return on your time investment.

We also shared some killer scripts and strategies we’ve learned from some of the top agents in our industry.

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Today’s guest is mindset motivational royalty.

His father is a household name in the space and with good reason.

In fact, there have been many times in my life where I’ve sought solutions, encouragement and inspiration from his books, CDs and Cassettes.

He has that rare gift to get inside your head and help you quickly reach a better place… or give you the tools to change your state as he would say

To discover his son is following in his footsteps blew me away so I quickly tracked him down to discover he delivered a widely acclaimed TED talk at the age of just 25.

He’s a best selling writer, has a very popular podcast and has developed a revolutionary approach to helping people accelerate their results.

Wikipedia describes him as a performance coach and motivational speaker but he’s way more than that.

Listen to how well he knows and can define his target market and check out his strategies for personal accountability.  He gives us some incredibly useful tips around getting a great night’s sleep, the importance of good nutrition and the power of movement.

I’ve already listened to this session a couple of times and I think it’s going to be on high rotation for a while.

So, for your listening pleasure let me present my interview with the one and only Jairek Robbins.

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Here’s Jairek’s podcast

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Watch Jairek’s inspirational TED talk below