TAP 89. Simple rules for stunning success. An Interview with Tom Panos

If you attended the Australian Real Estate Conference this year, you will have seen coach and mentor, Tom Panos is his role as MC for the 7th year.

Tom’s connection with the real estate community in Australia and NZ is huge and built on a solid foundation of credibility and a career dedicated to real estate success. In fact, very few people are better connected in our industry than Tom.

When the AREC team wanted someone to interview social media guru Gary Vanyenerchuk in New York, Tom got the gig. In fact, I loved this interview so much, I’ve included a couple of very short highlights below.

Many of the essential actions that deliver real estate success, can be heard on any number of real estate podcasts or blogs but Tom has a way of elevating them into straight-forward doable actions and not only explains why they’re important but exactly how you go about execution.

I really enjoyed catching up with Tom and want to thank him for sharing so much valuable content.

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Here’s a small sample of Tom’s interview with Gary V. Tom’s questions are excellent. Listen to what Gary says when Tom asks him what he would do as a real estate agent to market himself.

Tom Panos & Gary Vaynerchuk AREC Queensland 2017 from Bestagents on Vimeo.

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